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Represented by Sebastien Perrolat – TIME ART
59 rue de Richelieu, 75002 PARIS
+33 (0) 1 42 61 11 56

The Oxford School of Drama–  3 Year Acting Course, 2014
National Centre for Circus and Arts– Tumbling Course Level 3, 2014
Drama Centre London– Foundation course, 2010 – 2011
Guildhall School of Music and Drama–  Summer course 2010
Academie Fratellini– Circus courses,  2000 – 2010


2019, Fleur, RADIEUSE VERMINE, Directed by David Mercatali (assisted by Flore Vialet), Tour in France
2019 Elsa, AIR MOLADVIA, Directed by Judicaël Vattier, Théâtre de L’arrache Coeur, Avignon
2018 Fleur, RADIEUSE VERMINE, Directed by David Mercatali (assisted by Flore Vialet), Théâtre du Petit Montparnasse, Paris
2018, Miranda, LA TEMPÊTE, Directed by Dominique Lardenois, Théâtre de Privas, Privas
2017 Fleur, RADIEUSE VERMINE, Directed by David Mercatali, Chêne Noir, Avignon
2016, Ophelia, WANNSEE, Directed by Max Wilkinson, Bridewell Theatre, London
2016, Emilia, OTHELLO, directed by Pamela Schermann (Time Zone Theatre), Broadway Theatre, London.
2015, Bartender/ Ensemble, DANTE’S INFERNO- A MODERN TELLING, directed by Rocky Rodriguez from CRAFT Theatre, The Hive, London.
2015, Ines Serrano, NO EXIT (HUIS-CLOS), directed by Victor Sobchak, The Lord Stanley, London
2015, Alexia, HERAMISS ISLAND, by Seth Jones, Moors Bar Theatre, London
2014, Natalie, BLACK SHEEP, directed by Abigail Graham, Soho Theatre, London
2014,  Anna Karenina, ANNA KARENINA, directed by Robin Belfield, Royal Court Theatre, London.
Pegasus Theatre, Oxford. (The Oxford School of Drama)
2013,  Serafima, DYING FOR IT, directed by Vicky Jones. (The Oxford School of Drama)
2013,  Bianca, THE TAMING OF THE SHREW, directed by Juliet Seal. (The Oxford School of Drama)
2013,  Marcella, A BOLD STROKE FOR A HUSBAND, directed by Colin Blumenau. (The Oxford School of Drama)
2012,  Sofya, WILD HONEY,  directed by Hal Chambers. (The Oxford School of Drama)
2012,  Sylvia, THIS HAPPY BREED,  directed by Steve Woodward. (The Oxford School of Drama)


2017, GabyMENISCUS, Directed by Christopher Hooton and David Rapson
2015,  Jo (Female Lead), THE GIRL FROM THE SONG, directed by Ibai Abad. (NETFLIX)
2014,  Pascaline, NOS FEMMES, directed by Richard Berry. (La Petite Reine)
2010,  Josephine, UN BAISER PAPILLON, directed by Karine Silla. (Europa corp.)
2009,  Eva Mattei, 22 BULLETS, directed by Richard Berry. (Europa corp.)
2004,  Jeune fille plage, LA BOITE NOIRE, directed by Richard Berry. (Europa corp.)
2003,  Sarah Delgado, MOI CÉSAR, 10 ANS ET DEMI, 1M39, directed by Richard Berry. (Europa corp.)
2001,  Léa, L’ART DELICAT DE LA SEDUCTION, directed by Richard Berry. (JM Productions)
2000,  Petite fille, MAMIROLLE, directed by Brigitte Coscas. (Parnasse International)


2018-2020, Salomé Boissier, CLEM (Season 9,10, 11), Directed by Stephane Malhuret, TF1
2016, Marie Lavoire, Benidorm (Season 9), David Sant. Tiger Aspects Productions
2013,  Hortense, SMALL ISLAND, directed by Jane Arnell. (The Studios OSD)
2008,  FRANCOISE DOLTO, LES ENFANTS D’ABORD, Fil rouge, directed by Emmanuelle Nobecourt. (Capa Drama/ Arté France)

2017, Jen Rozan, SOUVIENS TOI DEMAIN, Directed by Elsa Perez,
2017, Doloress Maria, DOLORESS MARIA, Directed by Edouard Dajon, 3IS
2016, SofiaQUADRATURIN, Written and directed by Laura Hypponen (Electric Blue Films)
2016, JaquelineBLIND DATE,  Written by Piotr Karter, Directed by Andrei Koscina and Piotr Karter
2016, Anne Gallo, CINEMA FRANCAIS, directed by Xenia Swann, produced by 100GreenCroftProduction
2015, Agatha, AGATHA’S CANCER OF THE MIND, written, directed and produced by Bruno Tormos.
2014, THREE, written & directed by Laura Hypponen. London Film School.
2014, Frances, LITTLE ERIC, directed by Ben Morris, written by Vicky Jones, produced by Jane Arnell.
The Oxford School of Drama.
2009,  Jeune fille, BRETELLES, PUDDING ET HERBES HAUTES, directed by Simon Lahmani.

Accents & Dialects: American-California, Cockney, French, RP, Estuary English,
Languages: English*, French*, Spanish (* = Native/Fluent)
Singing (general)
Performance: Stage Combat (Advanced)
Sports: Rock Climbing*, Cycling, Equestrian vaulting, Acrobatics, Horse riding (basic), Running*, Swimming, Scuba Diving, Yoga* (* = highly skilled), Flying trapeze, Tightrope.

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