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I’m a half French, half British actress trained at The Oxford School of Drama based in London and Paris and resident member at Craft Theatre.

I grew up in Paris, where I graduated with a Bilingual International Baccalaureate (IB), and moved to London straight after to study acting. I did a Foundation Year at Drama Centre and then moved to Oxford to study at the Oxford School of Drama (3 Year Acting Course).

I was lucky to start acting in feature films at the age of 10. I held the lead female part in I Cesar aka  Moi César, 10 ans et demi, 1m39 and at 17, I acted alongside Jean Reno in 22 Bullets aka L’Immortel.
Since graduating my credits include Bianca in The Taming of the Shrew (OSD Studios), Natalie in Black Sheep (Soho Theatre), Anna in Anna Karenina (Royal Court), Alexia in Heramiss Island (Moors Theatre), Inez in No Exit (The Lord Stanley), Emilia in Othello (Broadway Theatre) and Miranda in The Tempest (Théâtre de Privas).

My last feature film, The Girl From The Song is available on Netflix.

I’m very active, curious and thirsty for new adventures. I like to explore my boundaries,  physical and psychological, and triggering emotions and thoughts in people. I’m interested in understanding humans, why we function the way we do, how we are conditioned, what makes us click and why.

I started gymnastics at the age of 4 and circus at the Académie Fratellini at the age of 8, where I learned tightrope walking, flying trapeze, equestrian vaulting, acrobatics, until I moved to England, where I now run, swim, practice yoga and do rock climbing (6a).

When I can, I travel a lot on my own, with family or friends. I love discovering and exploring different worlds and cultures.
In 2013 I went travelling through Argentina on my own for a month and a half.
I’ve also been to the United States, Vietnam, Niger, Latvia, Spain, Turkey and other amazing countries and I’m hungry to discover more!
In the last few years I have volunteered for different charity projects; fundraisings and rebuilding a children’s boarding school in Namibia (two summers in a row), teaching theatre and circus basics to kids and teenagers at Atelier Favela in Nicaragua, helping homeless people with the MIAA (Mouvement d’Intermittents d’Aide aux Autres) in Paris.

To deepen my knowledge of Yoga, I certified as Yoga Teacher at Tattva Yogashala in Rishikesh, India in 2017.

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” William Shakespeare.